2nd Day Year 2021 Ojodu LCDA Budget Retreat.

2nd Day Year 2021 Ojodu LCDA Budget Retreat.
1st Lecture on Concept of Transparency and Accountability in Local Government in Nigeria by Assistant Chief Planner, Budget and planning Department, Mr. Demola Gafar.
He stated
1.The importance of Transparency and Accountability .
2.Concerns Militating Against Transparency and Accountability in the Governance .
3.Steps taken to Enthrone Transparency and Accountability in Governance.

The 2nd Lecture on Budget Discipline Under Economic Recession and National Emergency by Dr Olu Badejo LLB (Hons), LLM, MPA, FCA, DPM. Nigeria as a case study.
He emphasized on the following:
The importance of internal Audit Report.
•Authorization Control
•Physical Control
•Arithmetic and Accounting Control
•Personnel Control
•Segregation of Duties Control
•Management Control
•Organization Control
•Supervision Control
And stated Good Governance is a way of measuring how local Governments Conduct Public Affairs and manage Public Resources and measured by
1.Transparency in its Affairs
2.Responsiveness to Public Goods.
3.Consensus Building
4.Equity and inclusiveness in the Distribution of Amenities.
5.Effectiveness and Efficiency in the Discharge of its Statutory Functions.
Accountability of Public Resources Vested in the Local Government.
And Accountability Information based on the following
• Realistic Budget
•Budget for Inflation
•Alternative Sources of Revenue
•Addressing needs rather than greed of Greed of People
•Provision of Stabilization funds
•Minimizing the effect of Budget Politics
• Accounting for Expenditure .
•Accounting for Revenue.

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