The awareness and sensitization on the second wave of COVID-19 was carried out by the Public Affairs Unit of Ojodu LCDA. The exercise was borne out of the need the ensure that the citizens are aware of the prevailing pandemic which has probably mutated into a more deadly virus compared to the first wave.
Thus, in a bid to stem the spread of the pandemic, the Public Affairs Unit of the LCDA is embarking on public enlightening programme across the Six Wards in the LCDA.
DAY 1- (Tuesday 19th January, 2021)
The information unit of the Council started the awareness exercise in ward A. The unit officers set out at 8 am to all nooks and crannies of the ward, educating market women, motor cyclist, passersby, transporters and residents in Shogunro, Oluwole, Ogba Motor Pack, Oloti Adeniyi, Sunday market, Abibatu Mogaji Multipurpose hall, Plank market, Odo Eran.
The officers carried out verbal education on the severity of the second wave of the pandemic. Clarifications were also made regarding the misconceptions and misinformation about the pandemic. Flyers and posters containing guidelines and protocols were distributed.
In order to drive home the points, the officers distributed disposable facemasks and hand sanitized to the residents.
The residents of the Ward expressed their readiness to comply with the directive and guidelines, but requested for adequate supply of facemasks and hand sanitizers.
Conclusively, the exercise compliments the efforts of the State Government in creating the needed awareness particularly in the grassroots in order to quell the second wave of the pandemic.
Attached are the pictures capturing Day 1 of the exercise.

Public Affairs Unit
Ojodu Local Council Development Area

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